Work Study Internship


Work Study and Internship

Work Study

Work study is an opportunity for students to work with employers while completing coursework. Every vocational eCourse has an individual or team project assignment. These assignments are organized and structured to allow for the integration of employer work projects. Student teams are paired with employers who are able to assign project work for eCourse project assignments.

Employer projects and other types of work experiences address the business needs of corporate partners and local businesses. Students are paired up with an employer after that employer has submitted a work order. An Employment Services Coordinator works with the business partner to elicit requirements and those requirements are share with a designated faculty member who can receive the project request and provide client based project work to student cohort teams. The following project documentation, shown in the table may be required.




  • Project Requirements Document
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Student Project Agreement



An Employment Services Coordinator works with the business partner to set up internship opportunities for students. Employers are also paired with students at the end of a degree program to provide internships to students. Internships and other external learning experiences provide opportunities for students to earn academic credit for approved work or research programs in cooperation with corporate partners, educational partners, and local businesses. These practical experiences are supervised by OT Academy faculty, who assign grades and provide ongoing oversight for the work assignments our students receive.

Our internship policy complements our academic policy, which is to support traditional academic theory toward viable business and organizational practical applications and experiences. Every student must complete an internship at the end of their degree program. The internship is a Residency eCourse that students complete before graduation.


Employers Students
  • Employer Internship Proposal
  • Employer Intern Evaluation Form
  • Graduate Job Offer Letter
  • Internship Correspondence Letter
  • Internship Agreement

Students who have successfully completed an internship may be offered a job by the internship employer.
Note: Students must successfully complete an employer internship before submitting a petition for graduation.


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