Consider Applying to be a Student or Faculty! Here at OT Academy everyone has the potential to be successful. All you need to do is simply say yes. Not to us or anyone else. Yes, to yourself.

We deliver a unique one-of-a-kind educational experience called Experiential Ecology. We are passionate about education, lifestyle management, and career advancement. Being a student here is a journey. A journey into what your life can and will be when you take inspired action to achieve your goals.

When you embark upon your Exemplary Lifestyle Journey with us, you will be poised to experience a change in your life. We are here to assist you in this process. We intend to see that you achieve your life goals and dreams. Students may select the path that fits their need to get started:


Choose this pathway if you want to take one or more eCourses or have personal or professional objectives to achieve.

Dual Enrollee

Choose this pathway if you are at least a sophomore in high school and want to complete a program to prepare for gainful employment.

Pre-College Ready

Choose this pathway if you need to obtain a general education and GED or prepare for advanced vocational training.

College Ready

Choose this pathway if you are interested in completing a full program leading to gainful employment opportunities.

Select a path and get started!

Notice to Potential Faculty: If you are interested in teaching for us Join the Faculty.


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