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The College Preparation path is an administrated study path. It is for students who are Pre-College Ready. The student works with a Program Coordinator who develops an education and work study plan for him or her. A student required to take this learning path must complete eCourses in the designated program.

This learning path is for students who need managed whole person care services. A student must be eligible under either the Simplified Plan or Complex Plan. A student receives holistic care services simultaneously while working toward his or her specific job readiness and career goals. A student must complete College Preparation before going on to complete advanced vocational training that leads to gainful employment opportunities. There are two tracks within this path:

  • Track one is for students in need of general education and information literacy refresher training. The required program to be completed is College Readiness.
  • Track two is for students in need of a high school equivalency diploma or GED. This second track is selected for a student if he or she did not finish high school. The required program to be completed is High School Equivalency.

Note: After completing the required program. A student must complete the Readiness Assessment with at least an 80% score on English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Information Literacy before going on to more advanced vocational training.


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