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The Full Programming path is an administrated study path. It is for students who are completing a full program and includes Dual Enrollee, Pre-College Ready, and College Ready students. This study path may require completion of a leadership program concurrent to completing a vocation program. The student works with a Program Coordinator to develop an education and work-study plan based on his or her needs.

This learning path is for students who need managed whole person care services. A student may be eligible under the Simplified Plan or Complex Plan. A student can receive holistic care services as needed and simultaneously while working toward his or her specific job readiness and career goals.

A student must successfully complete all requirements from their elected education program as well as any required leadership program before going on to obtain gainful employment opportunities.

Note: Students enrolled in this path are designated Student Associates and may be eligible to participate in internships and externships. Check with your Program Coordinator to confirm your eligibility.


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