Submit a request to have another faculty member facilitate your scheduled eCourse session or support you by co-facilitating while you are on leave of absence. | Back to My Dashboard

Faculty is responsible to check and verify availability of other faculty members before submitting this request form. Once another faculty member has been confirmed, then submit your request.

Note: This request must be submitted at least 2-weeks prior to the scheduled eCourse. Submit one request per eCourse.

Faculty Substitue Request Form

Faculty Initiator

Faculty Requested

If you will miss more than 2 sessions in a 2-week eCourse, more than 3 sessions in a 4-week eCourse, more than 4 sessions in an 8-week eCourse, or more than 6 sessions in a 12 week eCourse then select all.
Enter in the days and times you have scheduled to deliver specific eClass sessions/
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