OT Academy accepts applications for new students and faculty continuously throughout the year. This process is called Cohort Enrollment. Individuals interested in becoming students or joining our faculty can submit their applications any time before the next scheduled Primary Enrollment period.

Applications are processed continuously throughout the year. Students can begin orientation at the next scheduled Orientation Period. An administrator will contact students and faculty directly to get them started on their Education and Work Study plans.

Primary Enrollment occurs quarterly (four times per year) and lasts for two weeks. The table below shows the months in which enrollment occurs.

Quarter Month Weeks
Q1 January 2
Q2 April
Q3 June
Q4 September

Secondary Enrollment occurs every day in between Primary Enrollment sessions at designated partner sites. Students may enroll anytime throughout the year. During the designated enrollment period we intake new students and faculty who are ready and committed to experiencing a revolutionary educational journey.


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