Instructional Design Technology

The Instructional Design Technology (IDT) program introduces students to instructional systems design. In this program, students acquire professional competency to effectively and efficiently analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate multiple types of instructional solutions. This program uses a discovery-based learning approach where students receive individualized instruction combined with interactive eLearning and virtual coaching.

Students work on individual and team projects. The projects allow students the opportunity to apply the competencies and skills they have learned in a real-world context. Individual and team projects include applying the principles of instructional systems design to produce and deliver effective and efficient instructional products, programs, and service solutions for a real business client.

Students are required to publish community blogs, tutorials, demonstrations, and many other types of learning resources and collateral to connect, share, contribute, and interact with others in the learning community. Individual and team projects allow students to build their professional portfolio and résumé while engaged in real employer projects.

IDT100Instructional Design Fundamentals174
IDT101Instructional Design Applications I174
IDT102Instructional Design Applications II174
IDT103Instructional Delivery174
IDT104Instructional Design Team Builder172
IDT105Instructional Evaluation174
IDT106eCourse Design174
IDT107eCourse Development174
IDT108Agile Instructional Design174
IDT109Instructional Designer Project178
Length (weeks)106842

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