This program prepares a student for an entry-level position as a Service Representative. A Service Representative works to support end users which include (e.g. customers, students, and clients, members etc.) in any business environment where the function of the business is to greet customers or clients via phone, instant messaging, chat, or audio and video conferencing, address product, service, or program inquiries, handle customer accounts, send and receive correspondence, draft business letters, and handle frequently asked questions.


Every eCourse has two parts an eModule and eClass. Residency, internship, and externship eCourses follow a similar format but are delivered on site at the selected campus. The program consists of seven (6). It also includes a possible supplemental eCourse that may be required by the employer prior to completing the externship assignment. The length of each eCourse is show in the table below.

Code eCourse eModule eClass CEUs
OAA100 Internet Basics for Business
1 4 0
BSA100 Customer Options
1 4 0
BSA101 Customer Relations
1 7 0
BSA102 Customer Communications
1 5 0
BDA103 Writing Business Reports
1 6 0
SUP100 Supplemental eCourse
* * 0
BSA103 Business Services Project
1 16 0
Total 6 42 0

Note: An eCourse is measured in weeks.


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