The Business Philanthropy Leadership (BPL) is a one-year certification program. In this program, students learn the principles and practices of Business Philanthropy™. The goal of the program is to help students successfully launch a sustainable social enterprise business focused on developing exemplary leadership actions to give, serve, and receive a financial return.

  1. Part one is a 90-day Sprint training in business philanthropy leadership principles and practices.
  2. Part two is 275-day Pace to Success Marathon focused on inspired leadership actions toward launching a profitable social enterprise business posed ready to receive investment funding or recoverable grants to further accelerate business operations.


Note: Participants can elect to combine this one-year program with a one-year leadership programs (PACE or PTL) to earn a 2-year associate degree in Business Philanthropy™. Interested students should visit

90-day Sprint

Business Philanthropy Overview1Philanthropy Orientation11
90-day Sprint89Readiness Assessments, BP Structures, BP Planning, BP Legal Considerations, BP Capability, Intellectual Property, Collateral Pricing, Operations, Financial Projections, Investment Plan, Launch Presentation1112

Pace to Success Marathon

Business Philanthropy Leadership1Team Builder Residency24
Pace to Success Marathon274Identify Phase, Plan Phase, Develop Phase, Launch Phase3843

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