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  • Tammé Shinshuri
    Tammé Shinshuri Leadership, Faculty, Ed.D., Exec. Director
  • Patrick R. Mummy
    Patrick R. Mummy Symmetry, Faculty, B.S., SPP, CEO
  • Nathan D. Silva
    Nathan D. Silva Symmetry, Faculty, B.S., SPP
  • Monique Benjamin
    Monique Benjamin Orientation, Faculty, JD, MS
  • Mónica Rodriguez
    Mónica Rodriguez EdTech Services, Faculty, BA
  • LaTasha Armstrong
    LaTasha Armstrong Service Coordination, Faculty, AA
  • Kimberly Green
    Kimberly Green Career Services, Faculty, MA
  • KimAlyse Popkave
    KimAlyse Popkave Admissions/Intake, Faculty, M.Ed.
  • Jacqueline Morrow
    Jacqueline Morrow College Readiness, Faculty, MS.
  • Anita Johnson
    Anita Johnson Finance, Orientation, Faculty, MS

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