Student Enrollment


Student Enrollment

Anyone 17-years or older can apply to the college anytime throughout the year. Student applicants may be high school students in their junior or senior year, troubled teenagers at risk of dropping out and in need of an equivalent high school diploma, adults without a high school diploma and need a GED, college students looking to transfer to the college, unemployed workers, and displaced individuals looking for educational opportunities to move their life and career in a positive direction. New student applicants with a high school diploma, equivalent high school diploma, GED, or currently enrolled in a secondary school or college is also eligible to apply.

Open Enrollment is an ongoing event throughout each school year with Cohort Enrollment occurring four times a year and lasts for 45 days. During the Cohort Enrollment period, we intake new students who are eligible, ready, and committed to their educational journey.

Note: All students must submit an Enrollment Form. The application is accessible online:



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