With our unique educational platform, students and faculty are prepared to effectively use the online learning community. The college offers two orientation programs, which include: Student and Faculty Orientation.
Student Orientation

All students are required to complete this 8-week training before starting their degree program in the online portal. The first two eCourses in the orientation program are required. This eCourse is essential to helping students learn how to access and use the college learning portal, and receive an immersive social learning experience using our robust innovative educational platform. The last two eCourses are necessary for every student to understand and achieve exemplary academics and leadership success.

  • SO100 OLC Portal Frontend
  • SO101 OLC Portal Backend for Students*
  • SO102 Exemplary Student Academics
  • SO103 Exemplary Leadership Success


Student Orientation Program: https://olc.oraclesoftruth.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Student-Orientation_v1.2_public.pdf

Faculty Orientation

All faculty are required to complete the Faculty Orientation program. This program includes the following eCourses:

  • SO100 OLC Portal Frontend
  • FO100 Facilitating Flexible eCourses
  • FO101 OLC Portal Backend for Faculty*

Asterisk (*) denotes eCourse will be made available upon new system release.


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