Financial Management


Financial Management

The educational experience we provide to our students, focuses on reducing the out-of-pocket expenses required to matriculate and attend college. Our goal is to ensure every student acquires access to a quality affordable education. With the ZeroDebt™ model the college uses, every student can attend college without the burden of student loan debt, maintain a balanced and healthy financial life, and achieve their personal and career goals. This is what we call tuition-free education.

Financial management is integral to how we make tuition-free education possible. Helping students manage educational costs through literacy and planning includes completion of the following:

  • Lifestyle Behavioral Interview
  • Financial Need Assessment
  • Financial Planning

An Educational Planner is available to assist each student through this process. The Educational Planner assesses students financial need, create their education and lifestyle financial plans to lower out-of-pocket expenses, and crafts an action plan for successful completion of the student’s education, career, and life goals.


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