Employment Services


Employment Services

Employment Services are integral to the educational process to assist and prepare graduating students for gainful employment. Students work with an Employment Advisor to develop interview skills, identify possible employers, schedule interviews, and follow-up after interviews.

When employment is offered, the Employment Advisor works with graduates to review contracts to be certain students fully understand the expectations and implications of the job role, compensation, and benefits. Our goal is to ensure every student receives a job or career placement opportunity following graduation.

Students who have been earmarked as potential job candidates during their internship period are immediately placed on the Employment Fast Track program to work with them during their internship to support and solidify the employment relationship with the offering employer partner. Students that are not designated as potential job candidates may be still be offered a job from the sponsoring internship employer, but is earmarked for the regular Employment Services program upon graduation. This ensure that all of our students receive focused attention and services toward attaining a job upon graduation.

Students must submit an Employment Services Application, complete Job Placement training, and meet job placement requirements before they can participate in any employment services opportunities. Students may apply for Employment Services immediately upon being conferred for graduation.

Students complete either the Employment Fast Track or Employment Services program are required to complete each of the following:

  • Job Placement Training
  • Employer Opportunity Match
  • LifestylePlan™ Management
  • Alumni Support Program

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