• Dr. Tammé Shinshuri
      July 25, 2016 at 4:55 AM #6130

      While we do not require formal scholarly writing (e.g. APA Style) when posting to discussion forums, we do expect a level of professional discourse and formatting when posting assignments. Follow these posting guidelines when submitting posts in the forums. Note: These guidelines will be updated regularly to maintain academic and professional standards in the eCourse Forums.

      Important Notice: Never post in an eModule or eClass Forum if you have not been registered to complete the eCourse.

      1. Make sure that you submit your assignment posts in two separate posts. Posting your assignment discussion questions as a single post is not the intended behavior that we want to promote on the OLC Portal. You must submit a separate post for each question. This ensures that others are able to clearly identify the post, and it allows others to respond to your initial post as a single thought rather than two in one. Points will be deducted if post responses to multiple questions are combined into one.


      1. Use the Bold HTML tag button to highlight the question separate from your actual response so that others can see it clearly.


      1. Organize and structure your thoughts and use the HTML tag buttons where necessary to order and sequence information or to maintain a professional décor in your writing.


      1. Include relevant examples, links, images, video, etc. to support your thoughts, comments, and ideas. Note: While we are not requiring scholarly citations, we expect for students and faculty to support their ideas with quotes, additional data and information to minimize simply posting opinions without evidence of information or data support.


      1. Read the question or assignment thoroughly, then provide an answer based on the fullness of the whole question or stated assignment. Your response post must take inconsideration the full intent of the question or assignment.

        Do not:

        • Single out specific parts of a question or assignment and answer it.
        • Rely solely on your own reasoning and rationale regarding the intent and purpose of a question of assignment. Note: If you are unsure of its purpose and meaning seek clarification from the faculty facilitator before submitting your response.
      2. Proof read your posts for spelling and grammatical errors prior to posting.

      Post suggestions for guidelines you would like to see added to these Posting Guidelines by submitting a reply below.

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