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    OT Academy

    Share your perspective of the Oracle Learning Community (OLC) Portal.

    • What do you like most?
    • What do you like the least?
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    Kimerli Sawyer

    For me, it is too early to know what I like most/least, as I have not had an opportunity to fully explore the portal or use it in real or live situations. I can say that it is a bit confusing for me to navigate at this point in time. I am not a “tech” type person, so I prefer a more user-friendly interface. I don’t know if that is because I’m still learning the portal or if it should be made more simplistic for those of us who are not so computer saavy.

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      Hello, Kimerli.

      Give yourself the opportunity to play on the portal. That is the best way to learn it. Do not be afraid of it. It is fairly simple to use. I have never really thought of myself as a tech savvy person, but I have managed to teach myself everything I need to know, as the need arises.
      Our portal is no different. Go at it with a sense of play and discovery. Ask questions when you get stuck. I am always willing to help. So is Tammé.

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      OT Academy

      @Kimerli we are taking a unique approach to educational delivery on our platform. To KimAlyse’s point. It is designed to be a discovery-based learning platform. So we naturally reinforce and encourage self-sufficiency as a primary educational aim.

      I know unequivocally from human behavior that students tend to take the path of least resistance in an attempt to get things done quicker such as copying, asking for help from others without first trying things out for themselves. There is nothing wrong with seeking out additional help and guidance, however we want students to be active not passive learners to mitigate complacency and mediocrity.

      With more experience on the platform, things will become quite easy for you to find. We are here to support your success. Don’t be afraid to test and try things out. You just might find you intuitively already know where things are located. The challenge is getting out of our own way.

      Dr. Shinshuri

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    Candice Thomas

    After looking around the site, I have to say that I really like the ability to chat with students online. I also find that the navigation to get to the discussion is a lot easier now that I have done it a few times. The thing that I like least is just having so many different areas to navigate to. However, this gets easier with time. Knowing that I can have more than one page open at a time helps a lot when navigating from one screen to the next.


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      Eugene Ceballos

      I agree with Candice Thomas, I also like the ability to be able to communicate with students online. I also like how the e modules and e classes are taught. It offers very beneficial information. Also, What I least like is also having to many areas to have to navigate in order to get to where you need to be. It can be confusing at times, but that is how technology is nowadays. Overall I have to say that it is a Great Online Platform.

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    Keisha Austin

    I love the fact that the videos help us maneuver around the portal.. You can get to the forums anywhere.. That’s exciting because some people may not be computer literate.. I gives you easy instructions to explore the portal..

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      I am grad that you found the videos to be helpful. The fact is, the portal is fairly easy to navigate, once you know where to find what you need. You are correct in saying that many people are not computer literate. I used to be one of them. Then, I discovered that if you approach the computer with a sense of play, it is not that difficult to learn. Do not be afraid to explore and experiment. If the result is not what you wanted, delete and try again.

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