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    OT Academy


    Complete the following discussion questions as you engage and participate in the community with others. Share your perspective and experiences in the eCourse forum. Be certain to read and comment on other student posts, and ask clarifying questions. Read the example team scenario, then respond to one of the questions.


    Karen has been diverting her assignment responsibility for the past four weeks. She has missed critical team meetings and has not posted to the team forum in the past two weeks. Two team members Sabrina and Joseph contact Karen via email on two different days, and she responded back that she had been out of town on vacation. The team leader José reaches out to Karen regarding getting her portion of the assignment as well because the team assignment is due next week. Karen responds back to José stating that she is sick and is currently in the hospital.

    After receiving her correspondence, José calls a mandatory team meeting to draft a Conflict Resolution Template and invites everyone to attend. Everyone but Karen shows up for the meeting. The team votes to complete Karen’s portion of the assignment and decides to submit the assignment without including Karen’s name on the completed team assignment cover page.

    The team leader submits the completed team assignment along with the Conflict Resolution Template citing the issues the team had with Karen and negligence of her responsibilities and duties as a team member the day the assignment is due. He also posts both documents to the team forum. For the final grade, Karen did not receive an individual grade on the team assignment.

    • Do you agree or disagree with how the team handled the situation? Explain in detail why or why not? (250 words)
    • How would you have handled the situation had you been the team leader? (250 words)


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    Latasha Armstrong

    I agree with the approach that was taken by the team. They tried to hold her accountable for her part of the assignment.  She continue to fail or demonstrate that she was not willing to participate. She also gave different stories on why she did not complete her assignment. The way that I would had handled the situation is  to validate her claims of  being on  vacation or being sick then once I discovered the truth I would have confronted her in a non-confrontational way. If she still continued not to participate then I would have continue the assignment without her.

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      Hello, Latasha.

      It is unfortunate that some individuals (Karen, for example) fail to hold themselves accountable to complete their assignments in a timely fashion. When working as part of a team, whether it is for an eClass assignment or for a career-level work assignment, every team member must understand that the success of the project depends upon all team members being accountable. Each team member must successfully complete his or her assignment.

      When one team member fails to produce his or her work in a timely fashion, does not complete assignments, and does not participate in team meetings, that individual is keeping the team from success.

      Remember that, in the lesson, you read about a Team Charter. If you are team leader, how will you utilize this document in your handling of this situation?

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    Kueleza Vega

    I completely agree with how the team handled the situation. Karen had a responsibility to uphold and regardless of the rest of the team reaching out to her she always managed to for a reason not to. Even when a mandatory meeting was called she was the only one to not show up. Because of her negligence the team had to finish her part. Instead of putting forth the work she gave excuses and for that reason alone she doesn’t deserve to have her name on the finished product.


    If I would have been the team leader I would have handled the situation nearly identical to Jose. Most likely I would have been more lenient because that is just in my nature. I am a very forgiving person and I would have exhausted my patience until the option of the best possible grade and a lower grade was to be made. I would have told her in advance before deciding to not include her name on the assignment. To allow to not endure the consequences for not taking responsibility would mean that had done the same as her. That is also not in my nature.

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      Hello, Kueleza.

      I agree with you that the team handled the situation correctly. Karen did not live up to her responsibility for helping the team to create a successful project.

      From your comments, I understand that you are a more lenient type of leader, and you stated that you would give Karen every opportunity to get back on track. Might I suggest that part of being a great leader is the ability to extend some forgiveness. However, a great leader also must keep the overall success of the project or the work the team is doing as the main focus, and must lead the team in remaining accountable for its own success. One tool that you have available to you as a team leader is the Team Charter you read about in the lesson. So, how can you use that Team Charter to the team’s benefit? How would you employ it in the situation with Karen? Please consider this, and comment further.

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