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    OT Academy

    Forum Assignment

    Start a discussion topic below that address the comment below:

    Share a life experience or situation you had that required you to use an ethical mind.

    Be certain to read and comment on other student posts, and ask clarifying questions.

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    Kueleza Vega

    One time a person called me asking where to leave the couch. He told me the couch was paid for and that he needed to know where he could leave it. I could have easily acted as the person who had paid for it and accepted the couch as my one, but I decided not to. I didn’t want to lie for my own selfish desire.

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      Dr. Shinshuri

      Hi Kueleza:

      Interesting. Can you share more details about this incident? Why did the person call you? How did he/she get your phone number? Who was suppose to originally receive the couch? Why do you feel this incident is significant to share? After reading your post, I still have unanswered questions regarding your experience. There isn’t sufficient enough details to determine and understand the thought process you went through to come to your decision and its relevance to your perspective on ethics. Please share more details.

      Review the Forum Grading Scale for guidelines on submitting more substantive posts.

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      Hello, Kueleza.

      You have given us a brief synopsis of a situation that you believe illustrates a situation in which you had to employ your ethical mind.

      This is interesting, but I am afraid I must agree with Dr. Shinshuri in that I need further information. Please refer to the questions asked by Dr. Shinshuri, and elaborate on what may very well be a case of using your ethical mind.

      As Dr. Shinshri reminded you, so will I:

      Review the Forum Grading Scale for guidelines on submitting more substantive posts.


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