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    OT Academy


    Complete one (1) of the discussion questions as you engage and participate in the community with others. Share your perspective and experiences in the eModule forum. Be certain to read and comment on other student posts, and ask clarifying questions.

    • Have you ever practiced using synthesis as a creative method? If so, what did you do? How did you do it? (175 words)
    • Describe a time when you observed yourself effectively and ineffectively using your innate capabilities. (175 words)
    • What are some ways you can apply synthesis while engaged on a project, in a group discussion, or while reading literature? Explain what and how you might apply this mental ability? (175 words)
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    Kueleza Vega

    I’ve used synthesis to create my future actions. I organized my thoughts and options to decide what I would do next.

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      Hello, Kueleza.

      Please expand upon your comment of how you use synthesis as a creative method. Please give examples to illustrate how synthesis was part of your creative process. You stated that you use synthesis to create your future actions. Please explain this — What future actions? What did you synthesize? Please go into some depth here.

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      Dr. Shinshuri

      Hi Kueleza:

      Please take some time to review the Forum Grading Scale. Students are required to post initial and response posts according to our standard policy for forums. This Grading Guideline can be found on Your Student Dashboard as well.

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