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    OT Academy


    Complete two (2) of the following discussion questions as you engage and participate in the community with others. Share your perspective and experiences in the eCourse forum. Be certain to read and comment on other student posts, and ask clarifying questions.

    • Share one or more examples for each of the elements and how you feel each may be represented from a learning perspective.
    • Which of the FlexLearn™ Octaves do you like the most? Why?
    • Share how you can co-create the learning experience with others in the virtual classroom using one or more FlexLearn™ Keys.
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    Latasha Armstrong

    1.The Flexlearn Octave that I like is Deliver. This is the last stage in delivering a final product. So to know that I went through the first five Octaves to get to deliver is exciting for. I applying this to me as a human being in my daily life it seems some time that it’s impossible for me to get to a deliver stage in life.

    2. The two Flexlearn octave that can co-create a great learning experience with other in the class would be interact and curate. Through interaction with others in the class you can give different perspectives. I am a true believer that if you knew it all, would you be in the position you are in now? The second one would be curate, to understand that we can work together virtual but still create something together that’s tangible is amazing of what we can do as a team.

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      Dr. Shinshuri

      Hi Latasha:

      Question 1: It is interesting that you picked delivery recognizing that delivery is also a pain point for you in your life in general. Could you expound upon why delivery stands out for you that you selected it as exciting, and share a couple of examples for why you appreciate delivery so much, and why you have not been able to fully apply delivery to your personal life?

      Question 2: Bravo! I really enjoyed reading this response. Interactivity and curation is a two way street. Give and receive in both directions.

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      Hello, Latasha.

      I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on curate and interact. Interact is one of my three favorite octaves, because it is based upon the element of water, which is fluid and emotional. Interact truly allows for immersive, social learning at its best. Students and faculty connecting to explore topics together energizes learning for all involved in the experience.

      Dr Shinshuri encouraged you to add some examples to your comments on the octave delivery. I would love some examples, as well. If you provide examples of how you feel it is not possible to get to a delivery stage in life, perhaps, through collaboration, we can alleviate these roadblocks to delivery.

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