Lession 5.7: Cultivating a Respectful Mind

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    OT Academy

    Forum Assignment

    Start a discussion topic below that address the comment below:

    Share a life experience or situation you had that required you to use a respectful mind.

    Be certain to read and comment on other student posts, and ask clarifying questions.

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    Kueleza Vega

    To live as an expression of unconditional love I must learn acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, and patience.

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      Hello, Kueleza.

      I love the statement you made about living as an expression of Unconditional Love. Yes, acceptance,forgiveness, letting go, and patience are all very much part of Unconditional Love and very much part of using your Respectful Mind. Now, to refer back to the question — what life experience or situation have you had that required you to use this? Give a specific example to clarify this.

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      Dr. Shinshuri

      Hi Kueleza:

      Please take some time to review the Forum Grading Scale. Students are required to post initial and response posts according to our standard policy for forums. This Grading Guideline can be found on Your Student Dashboard as well.

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