• Kimerli Sawyer
      July 6, 2016 at 10:30 AM #5149

      What does the phrase flexible, immersive, social learning mean?
      Flexible learning means that the format is accommodating and can be tailored to suit the needs of most individuals. Taking into account that different people have different skill sets, physical abilities, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, flexible learning sets out to even the playing field for everyone.
      Immersive learning is the process of including meaningful practical application of theory in a classroom setting. Immersion is having students apply their newfound knowledge to projects or real world experiences in order to cement the information and breathe life into a concept.
      Social learning is the process of interacting with other students and/or faculty to discuss and debate class theory. Interaction with others allows students to have substantive discussion on relevant school topics. Often, other students can provide clarity on a topic that is otherwise confusing. Students and faculty can interact, agree and agree to disagree on subject materials and relate their discussions back to course materials.
      What are the key differences between the term tuition-free and Zero Debt™ education? Which of the two do you prefer and why?
      Tuition-free would mean that the school or institution does not charge for the services/classes provided.
      Zero Debt means that, although the school likely does charge for its services, there is a plan in place so that the student does not incur any loan debt that must be paid at a later date.
      I would prefer zero debt, as I did attend El Camino Jr. College when it was a tuition-free institution. Although the classes (tuition) was free, there was a charge for everything else. Books, parking, library fee, student body card, lab fees, etc. I ended up taking out loans to pay for school, even without having to pay tuition.

    • Candice Thomas
      July 6, 2016 at 10:30 AM #5150

      Hello Everyone,

      What does the phrase flexible, immersive, social learning mean?

      Flexible, immersive, social learning is the process in which learning is made to fit the needs of the individual student. Since no two students are exactly the same, or learn the same way, it is important to facilitate a learning environment that fits the needs of each student based on their individual needs. Including students own backgrounds and experiences within the classroom activities is part of the immersive learning process. Social learning is more straight forward. When we socialize with each other we gain an abundance of knowledge. In the classroom environment, social learning will help students to learn more about each other, their backgrounds and beliefs, and allow them to grow academically through deep and thoughtful discussions.

      What are the key differences between the term tuition-free and Zero Debt™ education? Which of the two do you prefer and why?

      Tuition-free implies that the student is not charged any tuition for courses taken at the institution.

      Zero-debt means that although the institution may charge a fee or tuition to the student, they have established a way for the student to pay for courses and not owe anything at the end of their educational program. For example: The student is enrolled in a monthly payment plan that is interest-free and by the end of the program the tuition is paid in full with zero balance.

      Personally, I prefer debt-free. Knowing that I currently owe my next 30 years worth of paychecks to the federal government, I would have definitely appreciated a program that provided a plan for debt-free education.



    • Eugene Ceballos
      July 6, 2016 at 10:30 AM #6051


      To me the terms Flexible, Immersive and Social Learning mean a variety of valuable tools for students to have in their access in achieving their higher education. For example, in this day and age we can all agree that it is important and beneficial for students who are enrolled in a class to be able to have flexibility in their busy schedules in order to complete their assignments. Furthermore, when the classroom is an Immersive and a Social Learning Environment, it further compliments their ability to participate and learn. Times are changing, nothing is the same as it was compared to when our grandparents or parents attended school. Everything is becoming more and more technologically advanced and the newer generations are starting to learn at a different environment and speed than ever before. Flexible, Immersive and Social Learning environments are key for the success of future generations.

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