This eCourse covers the fundamentals of Mathematics based on common core state standards.


This eModule covers mathematics based on common core state standards. Students learn the standard mathematics including numbers and quantities, algebra, functions, modeling, geometry and statistics and probability.

No.LessonTime (minutes)
1Numbers and Quantities50
4Modeling 140
5Modeling 230
7Statistics and Probability50
8Knowledge Exam120


This eClass provides students with interactive practice sessions and activities where they learn to apply mathematics and reasoning to common everyday problems. Students are given an opportunity to engage, collaborate, share, and learn through immersive social learning experiences.

No.LessonTime (minutes)
1Problem Solving with Numbers445
2Problem Solving with Algebra435
3Problem Solving with Functions475
4Problem Solving with Geometry510
5Problem Solving with Statistics625
6Practice Scenarios 1285
7Practice Scenarios 2250
8Mathematics Readiness Assessment125