This eCourse covers the competencies and skills students must develop to demonstrate exemplary academic performance.


This eModule covers the competencies and skills students need to achieve exemplary academic performance. Students learn what it takes to excel, identify their learning style and multiple intelligence, manage their own learning, identify various learning methods, and develop efficient and effective learning strategies.

No.LessonTime (Minutes)
1ZeroDebt™ Education30
2Flexible Learning60
3Intelligence and Performance 390
4Integrated Courseware30
5Education Process60
6Multiple Learning Strategies225
8Exemplary Academics45
9eCourse Evaluations45
10Knowledge Exam30


This eClass gives students an opportunity to practice flexible learning strategies and techniques to create an adaptive learning plan. Students gain an opportunity to use individual, discovery based, and collaborative learning modalities; while applying effective time management strategies, facilitation and peer-to-peer coaching techniques.

No.LessonTime (Minutes)
1Accessing and Finding Information180
2Developing Multiple Intelligence180
3Human Performance Management180
4Managing Learning Styles180
5Using Courseware Effectively180
6Collaborative Strategies for Teams180
7Performance Exam90